Day 96 – Island Magee

Day 96 – 21st October 2010

Island Magee, Northern Ireland

We were back in Northern Ireland!  My daughter Saphire would be so embarrassed, her mum, the adventurer, who had been away since July, was where now?  She had flown to Alicante to avoid bumping into to me!

John put the stove on and tried to fill the kettle.  We were almost out of water.  There was the emergency 2 gallons left.  John must have imagined filling the tanks in Lerwick.  At the time I thought the tanks seemed to fill quickly, but I was at the tap end and John was filling the tanks.  Perhaps John wasted all the water in our power shower, or was using the washing machine too often???

We lay about doing nothing the entire day, just reading, eating and drinking turning in for the night at about 7.30pm.

Menu today

Breakfast – Porridge with dates, apple and raisins and toast

Lunch – Beef and chilli wrap and wine

Dinner – Beef inn black bean sauce and rice, bottle of wine

Snacks – Popcorn, Banana, figs, fruit cake, pear and chocolate

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