Brooks B17 Does my ass look big in this?

Does my bum look big in this Brooks B17 saddle

So I got a Brooks B17 Ladies S from Santa. He very kindly popped by early as I’ll be off grid when he’s doing his normal round. Did I mention the shame factor? Well, here it is. Dan and I both got these saddles – his ‘n’ hers. How cute! Now here we are – the matchy matchy cycling couple. It gets worse, I got a new jacket too. Isn’t it lovely? Much nicer than the vile yellow thing and it’s the female version of Dan’s. I know. I hang my head…

Well, that all happened on Saturday, so Sunday morning, we headed down to the river to try out said saddles as I thought mine seemed… well a tad on the hard side. I was beginning to have second thoughts as I stroked the hard slippery creature. Anyway, I reckoned it was best to test it out before going to Morocco rather than get into a mood once I got there.

We chose a short route along the River Hamble because of its bumpy gravel track, less than 10 miles. There was no time to go further as the bikes had to be cleaned and packed that day. I’d love to wax lyrical about the clouds and that sort of stuff but I’m on the clock today, so here’s a picture instead.

Hamble river at high tide‘Does my ass look big?’ I asked, as Dan snapped away on the iPhone.
‘Do I suit the saddle?’
Dan laughed and reminded me it was about feel and comfort not the look.
‘You look great,’ he said, and I said the same back to him.
We spent the entire morning talking about bottoms and making tiny adjustments to seat position. Nose up a bit, down a bit, forward a bit and back a bit. It got a bit much for Dan so he had a rest.
2014-12-07 001 2014-12-07 069

2014-12-07 001 2014-12-07 023‘My butt cheeks are balanced. I can feel both sit bones at the same time,’ I yelled, into the breeze. ‘And there’s nothing rubbing against my foofoo.’

I’ve been warned against doing a multi-day ride on a maiden Brooks, but I’m going to throw caution to the wind and do it anyway. What better way to break it in than on a bikepacking trip to Morocco and I’ve been assured that my ass will look even better after the trip.

Enough for now as I need to make a shape on this mess. Here’s my packing list if you’d to make your life a tad easier.

And for an update on the saddle and how I’ve been getting on, check out my article on falling in love with a Brooks saddle.
Bikepacking the entire kit



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  1. Jem (Sooper8)

    I think the answer is, ‘just right’!

  2. Paula Chantler

    Your Ass, My Dear, Looks As Fine Tuned As It Ever Has…!
    And With Your Foofoo Protected, All Is Right With The World…!
    Safe Travels and Have A Fabulous Trip Both of You…! 😉 xx

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