Ergon GP1 Handlebar Grips Review

Ergon GP1 Handlebar Grips Review

Ergon GP1 Grips

Switching my handlebar grips seemed like an unnecessary expense when my bike was barely two months old, but I’d been suffering from numbness in my hand and tingles in my fingers especially after long rides and tired.

I bought the small size from Chain Reaction for just under £25 and at half the price of a physiotherapy session I didn’t feel too guilty about buying them, so here’s my Ergon GP1 Handlebar Grips Review.

They were easy and quick to fit. I tried them for the first time on a ridiculously muddy trail around Queen Elizabeth Country Park. The trail was the difficult one and way outside my comfort zone. I enjoyed the fatter grip and the tapered shape which allowed me to rest a larger portion of my hands. On that first occasion, I used the death grip and should have been using winter knobbly tyres when I slithered and skidded around the berms and I didn’t notice much of a difference. I wondered if I’d wasted my money.

On the surfaces I’m happier with such as grassy hills, dirt roads, mountain tracks and cycle paths, the grips made a big difference. Even after rides of up to 40 miles a day, my hands felt fine, not as if I was holding an electric fence. The numbness vanished.

In wet conditions the grip is better than on the slimmer straight grips I had been using. I had to adjust the angle a couple of times until I felt I had a good position for me. The rubber is soft enough to absorb shock but firm enough to give decent support. The aluminium ends protect the rubber from going raggedy where the grip might be leaned against a wall.

The rubber doesn’t get that sticky feel that some grips get after a time and the end plugs have remained intact. My Ergon GP1 handlebar grips are set up on a set of On One Mary handlebars.

The bike has been on planes, tied on the roof of African buses and in the luggage compartment of coaches. After 6 months of use they are holding up well.

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