Final day at work

July 16th 2010  – The final day at work

 Friday morning, and I walked around my little cottage, checking that all was as it should be. Bins emptied, place tidied, bedclothes folded, well all that sort of stuff……  And yes, I still had to go to work for the last time to my office.  I felt a huge surge of emotions as I carried the bags to the car and loaded them in. By 9am I had fastened the bolt in my green painted half door and turned the key the for what I expected would the last time for at least 10 months.  I felt happy, excited and almost childlike as I realised the enormity of what I was about to do.

Friday’s send off from work was something I could only have dreamt possible.  A beautiful and warm thank you message delivered privately in the office, followed by a delicious lunch. The staff had already been more than generous in giving me a monetary gift so I could buy sailing gear, but then they gave me a pen with the most thoughtful inscription. “Ask, Believe, Receive!” They so get me!  At the point when I received the pen, I was seriously choked up and completely overwhelmed.

By 2.30pm, I was holding court in Caffé Fresco. I said my goodbyes and received well wishes from a few more wonderful friends and by 7pm, I was off to my parents for the last of the family hugs, kisses and more hugs.

Meraid Griffin

Freelance writer, adventurer and public speaker. Descibed in the Sunday Times as a 'modest explorer'. Nothing modest about me.

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