Gear reviews update – When things go wrong

I’ve been bikepacking with specialist kit for about 18 months now and written some gear reviews, but what happens when things go wrong?

Bikepacking gear at its best, is lightweight, tough and most of all useful. Occasionally stuff fails.

I’ve updated some reviews where this has happened and added solutions for a fix. My goal with reviews is to let you know what I’m using, what I like about it, what could be improved, what I learn and what happens when it fails.

Exped Synmat UL 7

Exped synmat - finding a leak

Schwalbe Marathon Mondial Tyres

Scwalbe marathon mondial slash

Meraid Griffin

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  1. Or carry 50cm of gaffer tape wrapped around a stolen Ikea pencil, and use a bit of the that inside the tyre tonrejoin the split.


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