Gear Reviews

If you want to go an adventures, you’ll be thinking about the kit you might use. I’ve put together some gear reviews of kit I use. This section will grow over time and as time passes, I’ll update the review as faults or wear occurs. If you’d like me to test or review gear for you, let’s talk. My last big trip was to Cuba, and there will be shorter adventures to come, so sign up for the Newsletter if you want to be the first to know what’s going on.

Portland Afterglow Reflector ReviewPortland Afterglow Reflector Review
This magnetic reflector can be used with an array of equipment and clothing. I’ve given this a long term test (six months) and across a variety of cycling equipment and clothing. On this occasion, I got Dan involved in testing as well. Read on … 

BuMerino wool Buff Meraid Griffinff Merino Wool Headwear Review

I’ve worn it cycling, camping, gardening, cooking and generally looking lovely. I’ve also discovered that a Buff can ramp up your sex life. Read on…

Wildcat Cheetah Top Tube Bag Review

Tested on a five week long trip in Morocco. Finally, a bag for your top tube that’s stable and won’t fall over. Read the full review…

Alpkit Kepler Velo reviewAlpkit Kepler Velo baselayer review

Why you should never let your partner choose your clothes and a review of the Alpkit Kepler Velo short sleeve base layer. Full Review…

Alpkit Hunka bivvy bagAlpkit Hunka Bivvy Bag Review

All you need to know about bivvying and a review of the Alpkit Hunka bivvy Bag. Read on…


Bearbones AfterBurner Stove

BearBones AfterBurner Stove

Here’s my first attempt at using the Afterburner stove.  I make pancakes using the simmering option. You’ll see all the schoolboy/girl errors I made in my excitement to try this out – what I found easy and what I found fiddly in the video.


Wildcat Leopard

First impressions of Wildcat Gear’s custom frame bag, the Leopard. Read the full review…

Brooks saddle in Morocco
Brooks B17 S – For ladies who love leather

So I took my saddle on a first date, kind of like a coffee date. And just like after my first date with Dan, I knew my Brooks Saddle was a keeper. I decided to use it on our 500km tour of Morocco. Read how our relationship developed here


Wildcat Wildcat gear lionessGear Lioness

This clever piece of luggage has many of the characteristics its name would suggest. The lioness is small, with a capacity of around 2 litres and works in harmony with the Mountain Lion… Read more

Exped Synmat UL

Exped Synmat UL

Exped Synmat UL 7 

My first thought when Dan ordered two of these was the high price. I couldn’t believe that what is essentially a blow up bed could cost so much…Read more


Alpkit Stem Cells and Wildcat Mountain Lion

Alpkit Stem Cell

Mounted between the stem and the handlebar with velcro, I use mine to carry water… Read more

Wildcat Mountain Lion and Tiger

Wildcat Mountain Lion and Tiger

Wildcat Gear Reviews

A Mountain Lion and a Tiger arrived at my front door a year ago before I set off on my first overnight bike trip… Read more

Old Knobbly (L) New Marathon Mondial (R)

Old Knobbly (L) New Marathon Mondial (R)

Schwalbe Marathon Mondial Tyres

Schwalbe, describes the Marathon Mondial as ‘the ultimate touring tyre, made for roads, tracks and trails of all continents.’ What do I think?  Read More

Icebreaker Hoody

Icebreaker Hoody

Icebreaker Clothing Review

T-shirt, hoody, long sleeve crew neck and a hat… Read More



Ergon GP1 Grips

Ergon GP1 Grips

Ergon GP1 Handlebar Grips

Switching my handlebar grips seemed like an unnecessary expense when my bike was barely two months old, but I’d been suffering from numbness in my hand and tingles in my hands…Read More



Sidetvolume-grid-v04racked Magazine – Adventure Travel

‘This issue is special,’ is how Sidetracked, Volume 4 is described on its website. That’s a BHAS in my book. One, Big Hairy Assed Statement. So when it landed with a thump, through my letterbox, I was keen to see if it was… Read the full review


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