How to recycle mens underwear into a trendy top

How to recycle mens underwear into a trendy top in less than five minutes using a worn out pair of Super.Natural merino wool underpants

There is a limit to the life of a pair of underpants. And that limit is reached before your dangly bits fall out of the crotch. Fret not, your jersey jocks can live on in a way you might never have thought possible. Here’s how to re-style your underwear into outerwear complete with a handy little pocket for storing snacks.

At least one pair of merino wool shorts in my boyfriend’s underwear drawer looks like it has been attacked by a thousand moths. I’m too embarrassed to hang them on the washing line and that usually means it’s time to turn them into dusters.

However, this morning, a friend sent me one of those little facebook videos that I can’t resist watching: ‘7 Simple, clever life hacks for smart and clever gals!’

After seeing what could be done with a pair of mens undies, I made myself a Super.Natural merino wool crop top in about five minutes flat.

How to recycle mens underwear – What you’ll need

Clean jersey knit pants. I’ve used Super.Natural merino wool (48% wool) underpants – faded and worn.  No weird stains.

How to recycle mens underwear front

How to recycle mens underwear – Step 1

Find a tatty pair of jersey knit underpants and fold in half

How to recycle mens underwear – Step 2

Fold the underwear in half and cut away the worn crotch leaving the leg band intact. I left the double thickness pouch part of the pants intact as this will become the snack pocket.

How to recycle mens underwear – Step 3

Cut a slit in the penis pouch as shown. Leave the area near the waistband intact. Your new garment fits the opposite way to the original so the opening of the pocket is crucial to prevent your chosen snacks from falling out.. I have a fondness for nuts. You’re free to choose whatever you like.

How to recycle mens underwear snack pouch

The finished garment

It’s an ideal garment ideal for wearing at night when bikepacking. And I added a snazzy twist by creating a pocket to stuff some snacks for munching on when I get hungry during the night.

Below you can see the video that my friend sent me and inspired me to get the scissors out.


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