Adventurous Young Cyclists – The Janapar Grant

The Janapar Grant will provide equipment and mentoring for a young person to set out into the world on a bike.

How often have you dreamed about travelling the world by by bike?

If only I had a decent bike…

People wouldn’t understand why…

What would I tell my friends and family?

I’m not sure I’d be fit enough…

People put off having an adventure for many reasons, but a new grant aims to get young people exploring the world by bicycle.

Janapar Grant-photo

The Janapar Grant, brainchild of cyclist and travel writer Tom Allen, will provide equipment and mentoring for a young person to set out into the world on a bike.

If you want to travel the world and need a little help, Tom Allen says: ‘The grant will help a young person begin a rite-of-passage-style journey, at a time in their lives when it will benefit the most.’

Janapar is the Armenian word for ‘journey’, ‘way’ or ‘road’.

Tom, grant founder chose the name after his experiences while travelling by bicycle in the country, while in his early 20s.

He says: ‘The journey changed my life immeasurably and in ways I could never have imagined.’

Janapar-Grant-1What’s included in the Janapar Grant?

Equipment valued at over £2000 including:

  • An expedition bicycle by Oxford Bike Works, (customised to fit)
  • Carradice luggage
  • Polaris Bikewear clothing
  • Ticket to the Cycle Touring Festival to meet the mentors
  • Books
  • And other cycle touring equipment

The mentors, all seasoned adventurers, will be available before during and after the beneficiary’s trip.

Tom says: ‘We expect that our advice and support will be more useful before the journey and in its early stages.

The mentors gave their reasons for supporting this grant.

Tim Moss says: ‘The secret truth about cycling around the world is that anyone can do it.’

Alastair Humphreys says: ‘I think there is no better adventure, few better educations, for a young person to embark on than setting out on a bicycle, with simple equipment and loose plans.’

Laura Moss says: ‘Virtually anyone can get on a bike and head off into the great unknown and cycle touring is one of the most accessible ways for someone to have an adventure.’

Leon McCarron says: ‘There’s nothing like a long bicycle journey for personal development.’

Emily Chappell says: ‘I’m really excited that this grant will not only encourage, but also enable young people to explore the world by bicycle, and to have some of the same experiences that have given me so much.’

Who can apply for the Janapar Grant?

If you’re permanently resident in the UK, aged between 18 and 25, with a burning desire to spend a minimum of 6 months travelling abroad with a bike, this means you can apply.

Your trip must begin in 2016, when it ends is up to you.

How do I apply for the Janapar Grant?

Applications for the Janapar Grant will open in late February 2016, with the outcome being announced in early May 2016.

Although, only one person will receive the grant, Tom told me: ‘I hope at least one or two people who apply will have the drive and determination to say to themselves, “I don’t need someone to give me a bike or fancy equipment. I’ll just go around the world anyway.”‘

For more information, visit the Janapar Grant Website

Good luck.

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