Packing for a Bikepacking Trip

Since our first big bike packing trip a few years ago, the kit has changed. It has grown and developed. The more you get out there and do it, the more you learn about what works and what doesn’t.
So what’s new this time around?

We have new dry bags, Alpkit Airlock Xtra that have a tapered end and work especially well with our Wildcat Tiger seat packs.

Dan has a full frame bag, Wildcat Gear’s Leopard which is custom made. I made my own DIY frame bag as my bike has a small frame and an odd shape. The pay off for using this triangle is that we lose space for water bottles, so we’ve added two more Alpkit Stem Cells making four in total.

Alpkit Stem cell - New modelThe newer models are a little bit wider and have a band of webbing that makes them fit better to the handlebar. They also have super duper double sided velcro which is much neater and less bulky than the original model’s.

Wildcat Gear brought out an add-on piece of luggage for use with their Mountain Lion handlebar harness, it’s called the lioness and we’ve got one of those each. Take note, the lioness is not a stand alone piece of luggage, but it could make a grand handbag!

Bikebuddy holding fuel bottleOur last fuel bottle corroded so we have this new one that will work with a really cool stove we have seen and is on our wish list. This is attached by Bikebuddy Bottle Cage that Dan saw over on (Un)inspired Ramblings‘ blog (last seen in Spain now back in London). It wasn’t quite right for Dan’s Genesis frame, but two bites with metal snips and the addition of a couple of stainless steel jubilee clips and a piece of old inner tube did the trick.

The one thing that never changes is the chaos in the house before a trip. And the trick is how to get from this…

packing the entire kit

To this.Packed Alpkit dry bagsI’ve organised the room and ticked things off the checklist as there’s no going back once we’re out the door. I’ve made it the packing list available as a download (tidied up and editable).

Bikepacking listThe Checklist
Bikepacking Kit SleepingPacking the Sleeping Kit
Sleeping bags, sleeping mats and tent, though we might have to change to our tarp and bivvy bags if we’re tight for space.

Bikepacking Kit cookingFaraway Kitchen
We will be using meths as our fuel and will buy on arrival.

Bikepacking Kit ToolsTool Kit

Bikepacking Kit First AidFirst Aid Kit
If you’re wondering what the hair clips are for, I have no idea. It’s the kind of thing Macgyver would be able to make some incredible lifesaving device from so that’s my thinking.

Bikepacking Kit clothingPacking Clothes – His and Hers
Everything except the jackets, my Gore tights and a pair of shorts is Merino wool, even the undies.

Bikepacking Kit ToiletriesFaraway Beauty Salon
To save weight, I’ve removed the mascara and did a home dye job on my eyelashes instead. And since taking this photo, I’ve cut one of those travel towels in half. Dan’s going full size.

The bits you don’t see will either be on the bike or we’ll be wearing them.

Next job is to pack the bikes for flight.

I’d love to hear from you if you’d like more detail. I’ll add it here if it helps.

Images of the full set up will be posted next week from the city of Marrakech.

Meraid Griffin

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  1. That sounds like a great trip! Hope you have a wonderful time. Take plenty of photos…

  2. Ballerina shoes for the win 🙂

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