Planning a bike trip to Cuba

A couple of years ago, we thought about going to Cuba with our bikes. We bought two guide books, the Rough Guide to Cuba and Bicycling Cuba. Dan had visited the year before we met and loved it. I’ve dreamed of visiting the land of the Cohiba for a long long time. We chose Morocco that year because the cost of getting to Cuba was beyond our reach, this year, we’re doing it. To hell with the cost, we’ve grown a lot of beans and tomatoes. Check out Bikepacking Cuba for stories, routes and advice about taking a bike trip in Cuba.

I prefer to read stories with a real sense of place rather than guide books. I’ve gathered a few books off our shelves and a film to get into the spirit of things. I like to have an understanding of the culture as woven into the lives of local people and learn some of the history of this fascinating island, a bit of the language and more about the food.What about you, what do you like to do before a trip? Pop some ideas in the comments below. Do you have some recommended reading for us?

Books about CubaThere will be dancing, swimming in azure seas, a tot or three of rum and a whole lot of pedalling. If I could only stop myself singing: ‘Guantanamera, guajira Guantanamera.’  That’s the only bit I know. Best learn the lot of it.

Planning a bike trip to Cuba with a route of close on 1000 km takes a bit of work. Meanwhile, I’m waiting for a new passport so I can apply for my visa and Dan is finally getting the bike he’s wanted for some time, a Genesis Longitude and is setting it up with a Rohloff hub gear, Jones Loop Bars and his Brooks B17 saddle.

There are visas to get, spanish words to learn and soon we’ll be flying with our bikes to Havana.

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Meraid Griffin

Freelance writer, adventurer and public speaker. Descibed in the Sunday Times as a ‘modest explorer’. Nothing modest about me.


  1. Nice. On road or off-road?

    • Meraid Griffin

      A bit of a mix Logan. Off road where we can find it, though many of the roads are almost as rough as an off road track. We shall see what happens.

  2. Hi there, I’m Cuban, I cycle and I’m into bike packing, if I can help you, It’ll be my pleasure to do so, I hope all the fantasy doesn’t goes away in one day, my Island is far away from those romantic ideas outsiders have of it, it’s tough to travel inside Cuba by anything, car, hike, bike, whatever you choose, it will be tough, it’s wild but seems not to be, people are friendly, but starving and needing those dollars/pounds/euros that only foreigners have, the roads are a joke, and the supplies of anything (including bike parts) are a russian roulette kind of game, be careful with what you take pictures of, or film (I’m a photographer, I know what I mean) you can find yourself in a very uncomfortable position if you are “caught”. I can help you with everything you need to know in Havana, as it my hometown, for the rest of the Island I’ve been a tourist as you’ll be too, and believe me, we from Havana are “foreigners” in the countryside, I hope everything goes well, as the land itself and some people are wonderful, but keep your four eyes wide open 24/24 you can be rob, scammed both legal, and illegal, at anytime, anywhere, by anyone in Cuba.

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