9 ways to use a silk scarf

When my mother gave me a silk scarf for my birthday five years ago, I had no idea how useful, in fact essential it would become. It has travelled the world with me and is packed for every trip.

9 ways to use a silk scarfIt folds up really tiny and stuffs into a pocket. I’ve packed it inside a sunglasses bag so you can see how small it is.

Scarf in sunglassesbag

On flights, it’s ideal when the air gets chilly, especially on short haul flights when there are no blankets especially if you fly with budget airlines.

Some Islamic countries have cultures and customs that make wearing a hijab (scarf) compulsory, such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran. Sometimes a scarf is perfect for hiding away a bad hair day, or keeping salt spray and the effects of drying wind at bay.

So instead of looking like this…
Flying FishThat’s me holding a flying fish that landed on deck. Seriously bad hair day.

…You can look a bit more like this
Cape Verdes Head Scarf styleOr worn as a scarf when have a particularly good hair day, like here, at Agadir Market after I’d been to a hairdresser for the first time in 6 months.

Agadir Market

Or for travelling on a bus
travelling on a bus with bikes

Use as a sarong, a towel or a picnic blanket.

Sarong in Morocco

Shopping Bag
How about as a bag for extra bananas?

Dust Mask
Dust Mask scarf
Baby Sling
Use as a baby sling (like a stork holds in its beak) or if you unexpectedly find a baby under a cabbage. Alternatively, learn how to tie one properly as shown in the Youtube video here.

First Aid
Can be folded into a triangle and used as a sling. Hopefully you won’t ever need to do this.

Set up a shield when you’re out in the bush so you can get on with your long drop business or simply so you change clothes in private.
Scarf Shelter

Kinking up the love action
Blindfold, restraints, etc…

Whoops! No pictures. Must have been a bit tied up at the time.

How about adding your favourites in the comments below.

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