Thank you everyone

Thank you everyone who is following the blog.  I’m doing my best to get the postings up to date. 

I write everyday with quill and papyrus, but don’t always have enough battery power to put on the laptop.  With all your lovely comments coming, it spurs me on tand encourages me to continue to write.

I hope you are getting a flavour of life for me on the boat and also of all the wonderful things I am getting to see and do.

Please keep the comments coming, let me know the things you like and I will do my best to make it even more interesting. 

Thank you everyone once again. 

To old friends and family, I miss you all.

To anyone I’ve recently met, I hope your enjoying it and getting to know a little more about me so we can have a good yarn the next time we meet.

To anyone who has never met me, if you meet me please say hi!

Back to ships business for now.

Tally Ho!


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