The King and Queen Hamble

King and Queen HambleWhen I first arrived in Hamble at the end of the Summer of 2011.  I lived on the river in our boat.  When Dan went to work, I carried a sail bag full of laundry to a pub in the village.  A pub with a laundrette, a warm fire, a plug for my laptop and Howards’ Way playing silently on a TV screen in the corner.  I spent hours there, sipping a latte, warming my bones and tapping the keyboard completing job applications.  No one knew my name, but they always had a welcoming smile.  I hadn’t been in for a very long time and was delighted when the girl behind the bar preempted my order by remembering my penchant  for extra hot lattes.  So given the brief for last week’s Guardian Assignment, I wrote the following tip which was published in Saturday’s Guardian.

Got a bag of dirty laundry? Take it to the King and Queen Hamble, where there’s a launderette, and relax by the inglenook with a book from the shelf while waiting for it to finish. This is a haven for sailors from near and far, and filled with locals whose faces you might recognise from Howards’ Way. This pub has a jovial feel, with good food, great beer, excellent rums and friendly staff.

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