Day 282 – The Stalker of Cape Verde

Day 282 – 25th April 2011

Praia, Santiago, Cabo Verde

With the Easter holiday over, it was business as usual.  John headed off to the Brazilian embassy for his visa and I waited at the café.  My stalker, the twenty nine year old who said “Moi, je t’aime” to me about 50 times a day since I arrived in Praia, made his way towards me.  I pleaded with him to leave me alone.  I tried everything, trying

“I prefer women”

“My Father (FarawayJohn) will get cross”

“My heart is already taken”

“You rate as a Zero”

“Please, I want to be alone”

I used THE LOOK and the ultimate weapon THE VOICE.

THE VOICE was something I used when very serious it seems.  I don’t even know I’m using it, but my old workmates knew about it.  They were the ones who made me aware of it.  David said to me one day. “Meraid, we heard you using THE VOICE so we kept out of your way until you were off the phone.”

“The Voice?”

“You mean business when you use THE VOICE.

I laughed at the time and asked everyone about this Voice. They all knew about it.

And when things needed a bit of a push I always announced, “I’m off to talk to x,y or z and I may use THE VOICE.” Normally it seemed very effective, but here in Cape Verde, it fell on deaf ears.

As always, he would leave, only to turn up somewhere else with a big silly smile on his face calling “Marada, Je t’aime!”

He was doing my nut in with his persistence.  I shook him loose, for a while anyway and I proceeded to use the internet and update my blog.

John arrived back from the embassy.  “I have to go to the bank now and deposit the fee into the Brazilian bank account, see ya later!”

Two hours later he arrived. The queue at the bank had taken all of two hours.

We reprovisioned leaving the final fresh stuff till morning when we would go ashore to collect the visa.  I was really pleased knowing I would have one more morning to check my email.

After lunch number three, I bundled John into a taxi and chatted to Dan.

Leaving the café, I looked right and left, checking for the stalker.  I looked like I was watching a tennis game at Wimbledon my head turned so often.  I was pushing the curfew hour so decided to pay the extra for a taxi.


“Ah, shit!” I said aloud pretending not to hear.

I raised my arm and hailed the taxi who pulled up just as the stalker approached.

Back at the boat, I felt very uplifted since my chat. I had a cup of tea and fixed dinner with the chicken John had bought.  I think it was a hundred years old.  It was tough and sinewy and would possibly have been OK for soup.

I went to bed and read doing my best to ignore the loud music coming from the ship nearest us.

I had naughty but nice thoughts and fell asleep readily with the hatch open to the night sky and the waning crescent moon watching over me. Tomorrow I would leave the islands and the stalker behind.

Menu today

Breakfast – Tea and muesli

Lunch – I had 3 mini lunches,

1st 2 Pastel de Milho and sprite,

2nd, Chips and sprite,

3rd Spinach quiche, a custard tart and a beer

Dinner – Lemon Chicken with rice and a tin of mixed vegetables, a rum and coke

Snacks – After all those lunches – nothing more

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