Wildcat Gear Lioness Review

This clever piece of luggage has many of the characteristics its name would suggest. The Wildcat Gear Lioness is small, with a capacity of around 2 litres and works in harmony with the Mountain Lion.

It is not a standalone product. It fits snugly around a packed 13 L dry bag and works as part of Wildcat Gear’s handlebar storage solution. Perfect for storing bits and pieces that you’d like to get at in a hurry. I’ve been using mine since May 2014 on short overnight trips in the UK and multi-day adventures in Europe and Africa. It’s been used in temperatures ranging from -10C in the snow covered mountains of the High Atlas to over 30C of searing sunshine on the flat paths of the Netherlands.  Wildcat gear lioness

I keep my toothbrush, spectacles and contact lenses here not forgetting rolled up wads of loo roll and saved napkins. Perfect for storing snacks, spare gloves and hats. My fingers get cold and I bring more gloves than I care to admit on trips. And I’m amazed by the number of bananas that can fit and don’t bruise either. The zip is double ended and positioned at the front and top end of the bag and strong enough to stay closed on the lumpiest of downhills. Pull tabs on the zip allow for easy access with gloved or frozen hands. One time, I accidentally left it open and rode for 10 miles. A heart-stopping moment as I thought I’d lost my camera. Everything stayed put, but don’t try this at home.

Wildcat gear in Ouarzazate

Although the bag must be used with the Mountain Lion, it has an independent system of straps. The plus side of this is that there are no flapping or clacking buckles when it is not in use though the downside is that the retention buckles fit outside the Mountain Lion straps clogging the handlebar space. (I’m using On One Mary bars). The bag can be detached and the clips fastened together to make a loop which can be slung over the shoulder like a handbag. I would have loved if the strap was long enough to make it more like a proper handbag or manbag, but that’s more of a wish than a necessity.

Bike handling (at my level of riding) is unaffected and there are no annoying shuffles or rattles unless you pack a half full box of tic-tacks.

For 2L of storage it’s pricey at £45.00, however, the quality and finish is ace. Now I wonder how I ever managed without it.

Images of Wildcat Gear Lioness on bikepacking trips

Here’s a selection of images with the lioness fitted on both our bikes. We have one each, in true matchy matchy style.Wildcat Lioness on Dan's Genesis ioid


Wildcat Gear Lioness seems at home in Africa

Wildcat gear lioness near Ouarzazate

Wildcat Gear Lioness used to hang helmet. Who’d have known!

Wildcat Lioness used to hang helmet


Wildcat Gear with cactus in the background

Wildcat gear side view Morocco

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