Year 2, Day 4 – Dangly Bits

Year 2 – Day 4 – 21st July 2011


Horta, Faial (Ilha Azul, the blue island)


Artists at work in Horta

Knock, knock!

The courier was announcing the arrival of our packages and we were still half asleep at the shamefully late hour of 10.30am!  Dan was up in a jiffy and off to collect the AIS and be stripped of €120 for the privilege.  I opened my package and pulled out all the little goodies that I’d asked for.  It felt like a birthday present and inside there were a few cards wishing me well.

The last few things on the ‘To Do List’ were done, extra hammocks for storage, lockers secured and off to the market for some fresh fruit and veg.

It was time for a nice hot shower, though I had to check my watch, as Horta marina facilities has a rather peculiar opening schedule (they close for lunch at noon for an hour and again between 7pm and 9pm).

So there I was, standing in the shower, enjoying the hot water, shampooing my hair and humming some annoying Portuguese song, when I decided to give my very stylish purple glittery lace Brazilian thong knickers/panties/undies, whatever you want to call them, a wash (keeping the laundry levels down). Suddenly I saw before me a small piece of purple glittery thread dangling from my knickers.  Now I’m a girl who can’t abide dangly bits, so I gave it a yank.  The glittering gossamer unfurled from the crotch and I kept pulling.  Before I knew it, I had turned them into what is known in the seedy underworld of lingerie, a pair of crotchless knickers.  Did I bin them there and then?

“Perhaps I can get one more day out of them!” I thought to myself, so I duly rinsed and wrung them for another day.

Between talking about food, shopping for food, preparing food (actually helping Dan prepare food) and eating, there wasn’t much time left for anything else but a walk around the marina gallery scrutinising the art work!


Menu Today

Breakfast         Tea and toast and 2 fruit and fits

Lunch               Vegetable soup and bread and a galao

Dinner             Spaghetti with vegetables and corn on the cob dripping in butter and some wine

Snack               Mars Bar, 7Up, 2x Kimberlys, 2x Mikados, fruit cake, crisps, banana and 2 beers


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