Year 2, Day 6 – Ferry to Pico

Year 2 – Day 6 – 23rdJuly 2011


Horta, Faial (Ilha Azul, the blue island)


Pico Alto

As I sat in the cockpit for a cup of tea, Mr Finland said “Hello” grinning like a Cheshire cat and walking like he was twenty years old!  I smiled back and bid him good morning as he disappeared down the pontoon.

On our way to catch the Pico ferry, Dan spotted his friend on Caitlin of Argyll so we doubled back to say hello.  Well coffee was offered and much to my delight there was a bacon sandwich with my name on it.  Boy, it was good.  So after eating and drinking the delicious offerings, we continued to the ferry and made it just in time.

We ate a picnic lunch on the coast and walked a little then made our way towards the wine co-op for some wine tasting taking the scenic route (lost again)!  Sadly, it was closed so as the festival was underway, we returned to the town where the silliest games I have ever seen were in full swing. There were wheelbarrow races, piggyback races with teams from various towns on the island competing fiercely for the glory of winning. The races were held in a sandy volleyball pitch. Next they moved to the sea for more games and laughter after which we made our way to the ferry port to check the timetable.  We had an hour before our ferry left so there was enough time to relax with a caipirinha or two.

After a tiring day, we had dinner aboard after Dan checked out and we showered.


Menu Today

Breakfast         Tea and toast and scrambled egg

Lunch               Cheese tomato and onion roll, biscuits, pear and Sprite

Dinner             Mushroom ravioli with a lemon and garlic dressing and some parmesan, yogurt and fruit salad

Snack               A bacon sandwich, 2 x caipirinhas


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